Top 10 – World’s Most Spectacular Roads to Drive On

Top 10 – World’s Most Spectacular Roads to Drive On

Going for a road trip is an excellent way to enjoy vacations. There are many roads that can provide one with an opportunity to see natures very best, undiluted landscape while enjoying the pleasure of driving along. Given below are few of the world’s best roads to drive that could give one a life time full of memory.

1) North Yungas Road – Bolivia – Road of Death

The North Yungas Road is also called El Camino de la Muerte which is the Spanish for “Road of Death”. It is a forty three mile road that leads to La Paz to Coroico situated 35 miles northeast of La Paz in Bolivia. Though the road is breathtaking when seen in a picture, it can be a little scary and takes extreme caution to drive through the road.

2) Atlantic Road – Norway

This is a five mile long stretch of road connecting Molde and Kristiansund in Norway. This road was voted as Norwegian construction of the century because it rides above some rough and uneven surfaces. The road itself rises and falls at many places like a sea at the time of rough tide.

3) Blue Ridge – USA

This Blue Ridge Parkway located in North Carolina one of the most serene roads in the world. It is 496 mile long stretch of road specially designed so that travelers experience the magical panoramic view of undiluted nature.


4) Columbia George Highway 30 – USA

The Columbia George Highway 30 is described by many as the ultimate drive for those who enjoy the scenic pleasure in North America. Traveling through the road might seem like passing through a fairly land and could invoke memories of the silver screen to life.

5) Guoliang Tunnel – China

Like the North Yungas in Bolivia, the Guoliang Tunnel is also situated high up in the Taihang Mountains in China. The tunnel passes through the side of an almost vertical section of a mountain with many holes that looks likes windows. Traveling this road is extremely thrilling because of the seemingly bottomless cliff right next to it.

6) Amalfi Coast Road – Italy

This road running though the cost of Amalfi in Italy is one of the most romantic roads in the world. The captivating view from the road is so beautiful that the road has now become a famous tourist attraction. The road is draped with tiny Italian villages near the coast.

7) Three Capes Route – USA

The three capes route is located on the coast of Oregon and eventually runs into the Cape Kiwanda drive. The proximity to beautiful blue sea on one side, and lush green forest on the other makes this road unparalleled experience that needs to be felt to understand.

8) Transfagarasan Road – Romania

This road in Romania connects the Moldoveanu and Negoiu, two of the tallest mountains in Romania located in the Carpathian Mountains. The road runs North-South through the mountain range that is clad in rich green natural beauty. The height of the road makes one feels as though it leads to the heaven.

9) Red Rock Scenic Road – USA

The Red Rock Scenic Road provides a splendid view of the sun baked nature of Arizona in all its glory. The road passes through Montezuma Castle National Monument, Coconino National Forest and the Red Rock Country.

10) Seward Highway – Alaska

The Seward Highway is a 127 mile long road that connects Seward and Anchorage located in Alaska. The road offers a brilliant view of the unique topography of the region that is located away from the US mainland.