Excellent wallpapers for 39 movies that impressed in the cinemas

Excellent wallpapers for 39 movies that impressed in the cinemas

Huge article with movie wallpapers for your desktops. Some of these wallpapers are derived from the movies’ posters. Of course, the wallpapers are absolutely free. This will not be the only ‘pack’. I have a lot of movie wallpapers and I can’t put them all in a single article cause your explorer could blow. Most of them are in 1024×768 but there are also 1280×1024 and 1600×1200.

10000 BC

10000 BC wallpaper 5
10000 BC wallpaper 7


300 wallpaper 1
300 wallpaper 2
300 wallpaper 3
300 wallpaper 4

Aeon flux


Alien vs Predator

Alien vs Predator wallpaper 1
Alien vs Predator wallpaper 2
Alien vs Predator wallpaper 3

American gangster

American gangster wallpaper



Beowulf wallpaper 1
Beowulf wallpaper 2
Beowulf wallpaper 3
Beowulf wallpaper 4
Beowulf wallpaper 5
Beowulf wallpaper 6

Charlie’s angels

Charlie's angels wallpaper 1
Charlie's angels wallpaper 2

Deja vu

Deja vu wallpaper




Ghostrider wallpaper 1
Ghostrider wallpaper 2


Grindhouse wallpaper


Happy feet

Happy feet wallpaper


Hellboy wallpaper 1
Hellboy wallpaper 2
Hellboy wallpaper 3

‘ I am legend

I am legend wallpaper 1
I am legend wallpaper 2

Ice age 2

Ice age 2 wallpaper

Iron man

Iron man wallpaper 1
Iron man wallpaper 2
Iron man wallpaper 3
Iron man wallpaper 4


Jumper wallpaper

King Kong

King Kong wallpaper 1
King Kong wallpaper 2


Next wallpaper 1
Next wallpaper 2

Saw 4

Saw 4 wallpaper


Serenity wallpaper


Shrek wallpaper 1
Shrek wallpaper 2

Silent hill

Silent hill wallpaper 1
Silent hill wallpaper 2

Spiderman 3

Spiderman 3 wallpaper 1
Spiderman 3 wallpaper 2
Spiderman 3 wallpaper 3
Spiderman 3 wallpaper 4
Spiderman 3 wallpaper 5

Superman returns

Superman returns wallpaper 1
Superman returns wallpaper 2
Superman returns wallpaper 3

Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd wallpaper

The assasination of Jesse James

The assasination of Jesse James wallpaper

The Bourne ultimatum

The Bourne ultimatum wallpaper

The dark knight

The dark knight wallpaper 1
The dark knight wallpaper 2
The dark knight wallpaper 3
The dark knight wallpaper 4

The fast and furious – Tokio Drift

The fast and furious - Tokio Drift wallpaper

The forbidden kingdom

The forbidden kingdom wallpaper 1
The forbidden kingdom wallpaper 2

The incredible Hulk

The incredible hulk wallpaper 1
The incredible hulk wallpaper 2
The incredible hulk wallpaper 3
The incredible hulk wallpaper 4

The legend of Zorro

The legend of Zorro wallpaper

The Lord of the rings

The Lord of the rings wallpaper 1
The Lord of the rings wallpaper 2

The Matrix

The Matrix wallpaper 1
The Matrix wallpaper 2
The Matrix wallpaper 3


Wanted wallpaper 1
Wanted wallpaper 2
Wanted wallpaper 3