Ibex is a virtual reality desktop environment for your computer

[Credit: Wahba/Ibex]
Sure, it might still be a while before any of us common folk see an Oculus Rift on our desks, but that doesn't mean people like Hesham Wahba won't make stuff like the Ibex.
A resident of New York City, Wahba has apparently wanted a virtual reality desktop for a long time now. Ibex is built on top of Linux and it's currently very much still a prototype, but Wahba wants to make a program that bridges the gap between virtual reality software and virtual reality games.
Wahba told RoadtoVr, "I'm certainly hoping that for Ibex, in addition to having a simple clean workspace as you've seen, I'd like to add a virtual world around it so you can work in a beautiful field with a river flowing by and actually get up and go there to think or take a break."
Although it's currently geared to work with Oculus Rift, it seems that Ibex may very well work with any head-mounted displays. Wahba intends to eventually release a custom-written iOS app that will allow anyone to use their head-mounted peripheral of choice with the Ibex.