Top 10 Cleanest Places On The Earth

The world is becoming over crowded and so polluted. To find a clean place on the earth is a difficult task. Due to several uses of advance technology, a lot of industries, huge amount of traffic on roads making this world dull and non comfortable. Air pollution, Noise pollution, water contamination, There are number of places on the earth but all are not clean in these some has done great work in maintaining their environment clean. They are now famous world wide and tourist destination too. People living here comfortably and enjoying the quality of life. Here we are providing the list of  Top 10 Cleanest Places On The Earth.

10. Oslo, Norway
Oslo is a beautiful city of Norway which is the largest city and is the capital of Oslo. This is a busy place for business including banking, trade, banking. It is also a favorable city for industries. In spite all of this the air is of good quality. In summer season this air becomes more healthy and pleasure felling. Oslo has many places to visit which enhance its beauty. The clean environment with beautiful mountains and place it at number 10th position.

9. Kobe, Japan
Kobe is a city of Japan and is famous around the world for its eco friendly environment. It is the cleanest city of the Japan. You will love to visit and stay here. This city attracts tourists from worldwide and has a good reputation. Kobe is a well civilized city in every manner. You will see a roadway drainage separately to avoid release of non treated water into rivers. This make it different from other cities. Kobe is also a 6th largest city in Japan. Kobe with having a large area still maintaining its environment neat and clean placed at number 9.

8. Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen is the city of Denmark located in Europe. This city is a cleanest city in Europe. Copenhagen is the beautiful place to visit and stay. It is one of the travel destination. The roads and air are clean and considered as friendly place. It is placed at number 8. This city is famous for converting trash into energy.

7. Adelaide, Australia
Adelaide is the city of Australia. It is one of the city having numerous population. The population did not effect on the environment of Adelaide. It is a best choice of tourist to visit this city. This city has a cleanest environment and a affordable city. Adelaide also has world’s best cricket grounds. Cleanliness every where in Adelaide make it the world’s 7th cleanest place on the earth.

6. Minneapolis, United States
United States is a country of highly civilized people. Government is doing well for their people. Minneapolis is the second cleanest city of United State of America. Too much development work is done in this city even in district level. Clean and clear roads and environment attracts tourist to come and stay here. This only city accepts electronic waste for free.

5. Wellington, New Zealand
Wellington city of New Zealand is so famous all around the world with having a lot of greenery and providing best quality of life to people living here. Open space and recycling processes in Wellington maintains its clean look and preventing from population. These all make it the world’s 5th cleanest place on the earth.

4. Helsinki, Finland
Finland is a beautiful country and its city Helsinki is the one of the cleanest place in the world. This place is so interesting and enjoyable with the facility of cleanest public restroom weather you are there in shopping malls, Department store and many other area of this city. You will find cleanliness every where, even it has the cleanest transport system. These qualities and facilities made it world’s 4th cleanest place on the earth.

3. Ottawa, Canada
Canada is the country where people want to go and stay. It is the place which having a large area with slow population growth. Ottawa is the place of Canada and is a capital city of this country. This place is so beautiful, coolest and comfortable with having a natural beauty. The forests surrounded this city that gives a healthy environment and pleasure look.

2. Honolulu, Hawaii
Honolulu the city of Hawaii is considered as world’s 2nd cleanest place in the world. This is based on American air report which is recently released. A Ozone or smog rating is good which includes the particle pollution test make this place world’s 2nd cleanest place in the world. This happened due to implementation of the Clean Air Act.

1. Calgary, Canada
Canada is again included in this list but now its city Calgary is at on the top. The city is well developed with best sanitation systems. This all happened due to their work on  in the last 3 years ago” Too Good To Waste”. They were good in their efforts and worked on it consistently. They reduce the demolition and construction wastage through training’s. These all things made Calgary the world’s cleanest place on the earth.