Windows 8

Windows 8 is rife with features and behaviors that conspire to perplex even the most experienced PC users. Not all of them are bad, per se, but few of them are immediately intuitive. Making matters worse, the OS was primarily designed for touch control, and as a result, many mouse and keyboard commands feel like tacked-on afterthoughts.
But help is on the way.
We've assembled a list of our favorite Windows 8 shortcuts, tricks, and workarounds. Many focus on making the most of the OS on a traditional desktop PC, so if you're interested in touch gestures, please check out our article that focuses directly on the Windows 8 touch experience. Now let's start our journey of discovery with a look at easy-to-use (though often tough to remember!) Windows 8 hotkey commands.

Employ the hottest hotkeys we know

Zoom in tight

Categorize your apps

Close an application

Use centralized, contextual search

Adjust privacy settings

Adjust Smart Screen settings

Bring up the Quick Access Menu

Use Windows 8 apps and your desktop simultaneously

Go to Task Manager for Startup items

Share and share alike

Create a picture password

Boot to the desktop without an app

Log in without a username or password

Refresh your PC

Start in Safe Mode

Turn Live Tiles on and off